Sovata Spa Resort

Situarea Statiunii Sovata pe harta Romaniei

General information

Sovata Spa Resort is located in Praid-Sovata Depression, on Râul Târnava Mică River, in Mureş county, very close to Sovata locality. The distance between Sovata and Targu Mures city is 60 km.

Sovata is a permanent balneary treatment resort well knows for its healing salt water lakes. Ursu Lake which formed in 1875 is one of the biggest thermal salt water lakes in Europe.

Therapeutical indications

  • gynecological disorders
  • primary ovarian insufficiency
  • chronic cervicitis
  • chronic salpingitis
  • cervical and lumbar spondylosis
  • tendinitis
  • degenerative, inflammatory and rheumatic disorders
  • post traumatic disorders (after joints or muscles surgeries)
  • peripheral nerve disorders
  • cardiovascular disorders
  • endocrine disorders

Treatment resources

  • hight content of chloride and sodium waters
  • electrotherapy and sauna facilities, gyms
  • beaches


  • warm mud packings
  • kinesiotherapy
  • electrotherapy, medical-gymnastics, sunbaths
  • warn baths in bathtubs or swimming pools
  • hydrotherapy

Statiunea Sovata


Very pleasant subalpine climate with 10-20 degrees Celsius at the surface of the water and much warmer below (40-60 degrees 1 meter deeper).






Salt water lakes:

  • Lacul Ursu (Bear Lake)
  • Lacul Negru (Black Lake)
  • Lacul Roşu şi Verde (Red and Green Lakes)
  • Aluniş Lake
  • Mierlei Lake
  • Piroşca Lake

Spa units

Danubius Health Spa Resort - 168 rooms with balcony, bath, phone, TV, own modern treatment facilities.

Brădet Hotel - 94 rooms and 2 apartments. Balneary treatment in "Lacu Ursu" Treatment Facilities

Alunis Hotel - 280 accommodation places, conference room, own treatment facilities