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Praid Spa Resort

General information

Praid is a seasonal spa resort in Harghita county. The resort is located in the central part of Romania in Praid-Sovata Depression over 500 meter above sea level on Târnava Mică River valley. Praid resort is only 9 km away from Sovata Spa Resort (Mures county).

The form of the salt massif on which the resort is situated is eliptical. Hyper-thermal salt springs can be found as well as a swimming pool with salt water and hot bathtubs reccomended for rheumatical disorders.

The effects of the salt baths over the entire body: relaxing, calming, anti-inflammatory, venous dilatation, skin and mucous membrane sterilizer, scarring.

The duration of the baths is between 10-30 minutes per day, depending on each person. The temperature of the salt water is 36 degrees Celsius. The treatment consists of 10-14 consecutive warm baths.

The salt baths are open between 1 June - 15 October.

Therapeutical indications

Praid treatments

The treatment consists in inhaling the therapeutic air in a special large area within the salt mine, 120 m below the surface, for a period of time prescribed by the physician.

Mineral water cure are also performed in the resort.



Due to the fact that Praid Spa Resort is located in a depression there are not strong winds, winters are not hot but winters are quite cold.

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