Romania Spas

Welcome on the guide of Romanian balneary treatment resorts.

If you need treatment or if you only want to relax to a spa you can now inform about the offers of the Romanian spas in one place.

Romania has a wide network of spas in which a lot of diseases are cured, from rheumatic to neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, gynecological, dermatological disorders as well as neurosis and depressions.

The services of the Romanian Spas are also very diverse including physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, aerosol therapy, thermotherapy, aero-helio therapy, medical-gymnastics, massage, etc.

Relax at SPA

Besides specialized balneary treatment you can also recover in a spa, you can get back your well being and energy.

A lot of spas are located near major tourist objectives offering various ways to spend your time in a pleasant and interesting way.

You are welcome to visit our site and find your best treatment and relax spa.


Romanian Spa List